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   The Bingo 911 is a board with boxes to check. This is simple: for each post from a 9/11 conspiracist on a forum, you'll have to identify the over-debunked arguments he raises.
   Then, click on the "Submit" button to evaluate how twisted the conspiracist is.

   You are disqualified if you didn't check any box.

Common claims

"WTC towers fell at (near) freefall speed"

Quoting Steven Jones

Quoting David Ray Griffin

Quoting Richard Gage

Number of unanswered questions

"I question the OT because of Bush, who's not clear"

Coming into the thread without reading previous information

"9/11 Commission Report doesn't deal with WTC7!"

"Jet fuel couldn't have melted the steel"

Woo'ed claims

"Fire in the towers were minor"


Explosive devices

Pulverized concrete

Symmetrical collapses

"There are squibs, so it is a controlled demolition"

Pyroclastic clouds

Molten Steel

Picture of Edna Cintron on the edge of a tower

"WTC7 collapse looked like a CD, therefore it is a CD"


"The hole in the Pentagon is too small to be caused by a 757"

No debris at the Pentagon

No corpses at the Pentagon

Hani Hanjour was an unexperienced pilot

"The lawn was quickly recovered of sand"

"The trajectory of the plane wasn't normal"

"There wasn't anybody in the struck wing"


No debris at Shanksville


Quoting a Jones' colleague's work


Wants to reopen the investigation
(without wondering who to do it, or figuring the cost out)

Claims based on hearsay


Marginal testimonies mentioning molten steel

Marginal testimonies mentioning explosions


"Bomb sniffing dogs were removed"

Hess' or Jennings' testimonies

"WTC towers collapsed in their own footprints"

Silverstein took benefits from insurance companies


Non-working DCA at Pentagon

Missing $2,3 billion dollars

"Suspected" blue tents

"FBI confiscated quickly the videos in order to hide something"


Marvin Bush


Any reference to the 2007 Zogby poll


"NIST is wrong/lies/doesn't mention IJKL/
countersays itself/etc..." and never quoting an exact sample of the report

"No (or bad) crime scene investigation"

Twisted claims

"UBL is not wanted by the FBI for 9/11"

"The hijackers weren't on the list of passengers"

Any reference to "NFPA 921"

Any reference to judicial stuff just in order to make another investigation


"Laws of Physics were violated on that day"

"Planes which crashed into the TT were modified"
(No windows, missiles, military planes, etc)

"CIA placed explosive devices during the week-end"

"Pull it"

"The Naudet brothers, FDNY or NYPD (or the three) are in on it"

Quoting William Rodriguez


"The Boeing 757 flew over the Pentagon"

"Walls of the Pentagon were thick and made of massive concrete"

Missile at the Pentagon

"The lawn was intact"

"Debris don't belong to the 757"

Any reference to serial numbers


"Flight 93 was shot down"

"Flight 93 didn't exist"


"The CIA let it happen on purpose"


Pseudo-scientific claims


"Terrorists exactly knew where to strike"


Aaron Russo and Rockefeller

"Confessionnal videos are faked"

Quoting Alex Jones

Quoting a muslim fundamentalist who's not an Al-Qaeda agent


"TT were destroyed by thermobaric weapons"

"TT were destroyed by mini-nukes"

"TT were destroyed by a laser space beam"

"No plane at WTC"


A link to the Loose Change Forum, Alex Jones' websites
or another conspiracist website

A link to Loose Change 1/2/3, 9/11 Mysteries, Zero, Zeitgeist
or assimilated video

A link to Anders Bj ï rkman's works


After zooming/examinating the photos/videos, we're seeing that PQRS


Missing debris: "They quickly sent them to the garbage in order
to hide something!"

"That passport shouldn't be there"

"...and it belonged to Mohammed Atta"


"9/11 was made to invade Iraq and take advantage of its oil"


Any reference to "Northwoods"

Any reference to "the militaro-industrial complex"


"Some (or all the) hijackers are still alive"

"Passengers' calls were dubious"

"The victims are in on it"

"No victims on 9/11"

Rhetorical arguments

"The OT is full of incoherences, period"

"Al-Qaeda did not claim responsibility!!111"


"No steel-structured building fell because of fires"

"That should have happened like EFGH"


Compares his/her crusade with other events (Pearl Harbour,
Reichstag fires, etc)

Creates a thread about a personnality believing in
9/11 conspiracy


Inverts the burden of proof: claims ABCD then asks
other people to prove it

At least one logical fallacy pointed by the Nizkor Project


"DNAs don't prove there was a plane"

"All the witnesses who saw a plane at the Pentagon lied"

"All the witnesses who saw a plane at the WTC lied"


Every truncated picture or quote

Posts a picture or a document that contradicts him/her


"How do you still believe the OT lol?"

"Just watch videos!!!1111"


"I'm just asking questions"


Thinks he's an expert with Google and Wikipedia only

Misrepresentation of his/her own expertise


"The Truth Mouvement is gaining momentum!!!111"


"Capitalism caused 9/11"


"The new administration doesn't want a new investigation, so it's in on it!!!111"

"Who benefits the crime ?"

"Zacarias Moussaoui was a pretext"


Expresses only with laughing smileys or "lol" words

"You are blinded and brainwashed by mainstream media!!111!"
(sometimes added with "Open your eyes!!!111")

"You are bush patsies/CIA agents/neocons"

"You are nazis!"

Insults, condescending behavior

References to Galileo

"Moderators are with the OT supporters"

"You're showing me disrepect"

"I can't debate with you!"

Proud to "doubt"

"It's not because there aren't evidences that it isn't
a conspiracy"


"Arabs with cutters couldn't do this"

Any reference to "cavemen in Afghanistan"

Supreme Antisemitism

"Muslims couldn't do this"

XYZ is a Zionist

XYZ is a jew

"Mossad is in on it"

"MNO is an Israeli parent to someone involved in 9/11"

Quoting Eric Hufschmid

Dancing Mossad agents on a van

4,000 jews didn't go to the WTC

Denies to be antisemitic despite of the points above

Protocols of the Elders of Zion


Has his/her own theory

Total score: 1000 points

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